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We bring over 150+ Man Years Of Strategic & Hands-on Leadership Experience in Digital Services Delivery. Today's digital economy is a key driver for innovation and competitiveness, leveling the playing field for Small to Medium businesses. Our vision is to "deliver inventive and transformational agility in business using strategies that demonstrates quantifiable incremental benefits and growth”. @ PineStraw we focus on implementing digital tools and strategies effectively and economically, bringing changes in how business work, communicate, market and sell, separating them from businesses that fail to embrace technology and social transformation in today’s workplace. Simply put, we assist business thrive in the new digital economy !!

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Our Services Offering

PineStraw has demonstrable Global experience in delivering boutique consulting services and outsourced technology sourcing to deliver your complex digital projects. Our target segments are Telecoms and ISP's specifically from a Digital services consulting perspective and project / professional services turnkey engagements with large Enterprises, Government and SME solutions.


Digital Transformation

Transforming Telecom providers and ISP's into Digital Service Operators incorporating new age services.

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SME Solutions

End to End delivery of Bouquet of Digital SME Solutions for ISP's and Telecom Operators.

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Telecom VAS

End to End Consulting and Implementation of Security VAS Solutions for Telecom and ISP's.

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Experience Centers

Setting up and management of Customer Experience Centers in the context of Technology Vendors and Telecom Providers.

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Digital Oilfield

Implementing End-to-End Digital strategies for Oil and Gas customers connecting and delivering Digital command centers.

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Digital Skills Academy

Sales Training and certification programs for Channels (Telecom and Technology Vendors) to deliver Digital Solution sales effectively

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Why choose us?

We dream, breath, live and execute Digital Transformation for our partners and customers. We continously strive in seeing opportunity and solutions, delivering real results leveraging thousands of man years of strategic and hands-on experience using the latest in best practices and technology. With over 150+ man years of strategic leadership experience in Telecom, Technology, Distribution and Industry Solutions, our unique approach and business model delivers quick results and turnarounds for our customers.

Our expertise extends from delivering platform and customized software solutions in areas such as Industrial IoT, Secure Value Added Services, IPTV, Cloud Automation, RPA, Data Sciences & E-Marketplaces to practical Consulting and Services in digitally transforming your business, offering your business an unfair advantage versus your competition.

Strategy & Analysis30%
Advocacy & Evangelism20%
Execution & Results50%

Case Study / Success Stories

Our customer success stories are a testament to our committment to deliver the best of products and services, while ensuring lasting value and quality, resulting in satisfied customers and long standing mutually beneficial relationships.

What Clients say

Answer & Questions

PineStraw Digital is a Multi National Corporation based out of Toronto, Canada with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Pune, India. We have employees based at each of these locations operating globally on projects in the Middle East, Africa and India.

PineStraw has 3 key product areas covering Secure VAS, IoT & Digital. There are 2 products under Secure VAS viz; DEFCOM - a Military Grade Communication and Collaboration Mobility Platform and HAWK - a hyper secure cloud surveillance platform.

There are 4 products under IoT viz; ALLTHINGS - an open source IoT platform that deliveres the core of PineStraw's IoT applications, CONNECTED FLEET - a vehicle tracking and telematics solution, ELDERCARE - a IoT based Senior Assisted Living solution and BESAFE - an IoT based workforce management solution.

Finally there are 3 products under Digital viz; MARKETPLACE - a B2B2C e-commerce platform that can be whitelabled, SME SUITE - a SME automation solution delivering a easy to use ERP, CRM and SFA and SMARTLEARN - an e-learning solution targetted at K12 and Higher Education.

PineStraw's products are targetted at Telecom Providers and ISP's delivering whitelabled solutions to their customers. Our digital solutions are also targeted at Enterprise and Government Customers in select theaters across Africa, Asia and Middle East.

PineStraw offers boutique consulting and project execution services to Telecom providers and ISP's in domains such as Customer Experience, Digital Product Engineering, Experience Centers, Cloud Practice and Advanced Tech covering AI, RPA and Blockchain.

Our Partners

@ PineStraw we strongly believe our partner relationships extends to not just collaborating & driving business everyday, but in finding ways to enhance and improve on what we do day-in and day-out. Our industry partnerships extends to joint product development, strategic market development and customer advocacy. We work with strategic channel partners to drive market breadth and depth with a focus on understanding the pulse of every theater and segment we focus on. We are always looking to add to our partner network, so please feel free to contact our partner team at partners@pinestrawdigital.com.