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Today's digital economy is a key driver for innovation and competitiveness, leveling the playing field for Small to Medium businesses. This makes the business landscape very interesting and disruptive. We have learned from experience that transformation comes not from only within, but several market forces and drivers, including competitive measures, regulatory environments & prevailing economic conditions. SME's and Corner Retailers in particular need to leverage digital strategies and tools to gain a competive edge versus their larger competitors. While being Small helps being nimble and agile, ability to adopt and drive digital technologies is paramount in gaining a competive edge and level the playing field !!

10 Steps: Online Retailing

So you want to start an online retail store to expand your brick and mortar establishment? Often, the largest obstacle that business owners face is being unfamiliar with the how and process of executing it: they are trying to figure out not only how to start an online retail business but what needs to be done to get there.

So here are ten easy steps to learn how to open an online store, whether you already sell products in a brick-and-mortar location or you're starting an online business from scratch:

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Tips to Increase Loyalty

For years, a lot of learned folks have tried to answer this one question: What do small businesses that achieve sustained growth do differently from those that do not grow?

As a senior consultants, we speak to thousands of business owners each year. We've learned that there are no silver bullets or 17-point checklists that will lead to guaranteed growth. There are, however, seven specific areas in which growth companies concentrate their efforts.

Here is a list of the top 7 domains Small Business need to concentrate to succeed:

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Transform Online Shopping

Consumers today have more places and ways to shop than ever. And they have increasingly shorter attention spans. So if you have an ecommerce business, and you want online shoppers to buy from you, you need to be able to quickly attract their attention and make the shopping experience pleasant and easy.

So what can ecommerce businesses do to help ensure that the online shopping experience is a pleasant one? Following are 12 ways to create a customer experience that will have consumers buying from you and coming back for more.

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Rules to Grow Small Business

Statistics show that, on average, most companies lose half of their customers every five years. It's true that acquiring new customers will help your business grow.

However, your current customers are the lifeblood of your business and keeping them happy should be your highest priority. Here are a few ways to make sure your customers keep coming back.

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Digital Transformation Agility

In today's market, not only is change happening quickly, it's forcing businesses themselves to change quickly. It's a constant flow of innovation, disruption - and sometimes chaos - that is moving us ahead, even faster than we ever imagined. Many say agility is the key to surviving in the age of technological hairpin turns. In fact, 68% of companies identify agility as one of their most important initiatives. But what does agility really mean? And how can it help you survive in the current landscape, moreso while transforming with the digital economy?

The definition of transformational agility is "the ability to move quickly and easily through digital transformation". You might wonder, in a business sense, how well your company is achieving that definition? Lots of things go into creating an agile work environment: Size - Shape - Culture - Governance - Technology Readiness. And all must align with your vision if you want to succeed in a meaningful way. A few key qualities of agile businesses, and tips for incorporating them into your company are described beside.

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Suceed in the New Digital Economy

The chinese proverb "we live in interesting times" has never been more prophetic or real. The recent outbreak of the Corona Virus in China has plunged the economies of the world in, to say the least turmoil. Now, more than ever we dont have a choice but to digitally transform or be irrelevant. Whether it be remote working or employee management, innovation in customer support, omni channel approaches to sales/marketing and leverage digital & social distance marketing to be ready for the new paradigm. Many believe that this will be the new realm, pandemics or not !!

There are 3 key elements that we need to consider when working in such challenging times a)Maximise and Motivating our Workforce (remotely in extreme cases as we face now) b)Continue the transformation journey or start now (it is now or never) c)Toolize. Read on beside, how we can accomplish that assuredly.

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